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Runic Wedding Rings and Handfasting Rings
a speciality.

Welcome to the website of Jason of England!

Browse, and find herein works of Beauty and Magic, of Runes, Mighty and Enigmatic of the Gods of our Ancestors, Wrought in Gold and in Silver.

Find Talismans, inscribed with Oghams, the secretive, coded tree language of the Druids. Oghams, and Runes in particular, connect to and create specific matrixes of energy, in order to make manifest the will of the user or wearer. Such work awakens the god and goddesss archetypes within us and links directly to the Source.

Every possible situation or desire has a Rune, Runic formula or a Bind Rune. In a field on Dartmoor, England, where grows a sequential circle of Ogham Trees, in the centre of which is an Odinic Stone, there I create for you the Runic formulae required. Upon that field is a stone barn, and there, amid the hail and thunder of the Moors, in a focused, meditative state, I hold the desire of the commission throughout, as I create for you a thing of beauty and integrity, made with only hand tools, using techniques dating back to the Ancient Britons and Celts. The fire is quenched from the metal using spring water, gathered at Samhain from the top of a high and Sacred Hill.