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All materials that I use are of the highest quality, and the oghamic woods (that can be shaped and set in place of stones) are gathered and seasoned on the Moors. I seek to create Jewellery that is alive, organic, and each piece is made individually so is completely unique.


For magical commissions I need to know that which is to be warded off or attracted or created. Alternatively, I can intuit, dowse and Rune with the deep. When working on Talismans not for specific commission, I Rune with the web of the wyrd that connects us all, and a particular shape of metal and Runic / Oghamic device emerges; a different kind of commission! That person will come across the Talisman at some future point when the time is right.

Talismans can be made for Love, Wealth, Joy, Health and the luck of the Gods, and of course for my speciality, Runic Wedding Rings. An accompanying Spell and explanation is provided, if asked for, and all come in a velvet pouch, to create a unique, interactive and life changing gift.

All my creations, magical or not, are inspired by nature, by ancient culture and my own ancestry, being Nordic / Briton. They are contempory yet timeless, unique, organic and alive.

Jason of England